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Bait Tanks For Sale - Kodiak

Bait Tank Accessories

A. NEW! LED Bait Tank Light
12-Volt Water Resistant light fits under tank and shines through bottom to illuminate tank. For night use. (One size fits all tanks.)
B. Solid Cutting Board Lid Replacements
1/2" thick pebble finish cutting board lid
PF 14C fits model PF-14 and PF-26
PF-22C fits model PF-22
PF-32C fits model PF-17, PF-27 and PF-32
PF-45C fits model PF-45
PF-52C fits model PF-37, PF-42 and PF-52
C. Quick Disconnect Mounting Pad

4 Low Profile pads mount permanently to deck or swim platform, tank (L) brackets mount to pads. Tank and mounting (L) brackets can be quickly removed, black anodized aluminum with hardware. Model # PF-003, PF-004 (Fits PF-52 tank, 6 pads)
F. KW-1 Bait Tank Plumbing Kit
For the do-it-yourselfer. All the fittings and instructions needed to build a standard live well. (These are not used on Pro Flow Tanks.)

Where to Buy
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